Ruin gallery # 2

Sophie_Ritelhueber_Arménie, 1989

Sophie Ristelhueber, Arménie, 1989. ©Sophie Ristelhueber

John Thomson, The Ming Tombs, Nanking, 1874

John Thomson, Ruins of the Porcelain Tower, Nanking, illustrations of China and Its People, volume 3, 1874

Gioacchino Altobelli_RomanForum-NightView_c.1870_albumenprint

Gioacchino Altobelli, Roman Forum -Night View, c.1870


“Ungebung nachen Kampfen”, Tianjin, 1903

Zhang Kechun; Under the Abandoned Pier, 2013-2014

Zhang Kechun, The Yellow River series, Untitled no. 4, 2013-2014. ©Zhang Kechun

Captura de pantalla 2014-11-06 a las 18.48.24

Nadav Kander, The Polygon Nuclear Test Site I (After the Event), Kazakhastan, 2011. ©Nadav Kander


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